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Until we ceased trading Juno Maritime was a Kuwaiti company under British Management headed by William Douglas.

This is how we have been in the past but now our Founder and MD. has retired to the Highlands of Scotland, we have ceased trading as an operational entity. 

We no longer operate as a company but instead our founder has decided that he wants to pass on his knowledge to anyone who is genuinely interested. The aim is to use an online platform such as Zoom to enable student and teacher to interact.

Therefore, please be informed that the Primary Reason for this New Website is to provide a window on the type of activities that our founder has been intensely involved - spanning many years.

Our Founder and Senior Consultant

Our senior consultant and founder William Douglas has had over 55 years experience in the maritime industry.

Starting his career as a 16 year old deck boy in the British Merchant Navy he progressed through many various positions to become a master mariner.

Our Primary Objective

Our initial aim is to introduce every student to an overview of the industry.

Thereafter, each student will have an opportunity to expand upon the knowledge base.

To this end we have prepared in depth analysis of the many activities with emphasis on making it understandable and uncomplicated.

Our Commitment to Results

We offer a wide range of expert dredging, offshore transport and installation solutions. We have as well as maritime services, expertise in tendering for government projects. As a result we can provide innovative, one-stop solutions to meet every challenge.

Our Experience

Involvement at various levels in Cutter Suction Dredging, Reclamation, Backhoe Dredging, Clam-shell Dredging, Shore Protection, Revetment Construction, Offshore Piling, Marine Salvage, Sub Sea Pipeline Installation, Diving Activities, 


General Information

The pictures below and in this website are mainly from projects in which the undersigned has personally been involved.

Apart from the designated positions shown herein, the undersigned has also been intensely involved in such items as:

  • Equipment sourcing and purchasing

  • Equipment Surveys

  • Planning Operations

  • Project planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Deck Boy

  • Ordinary Seaman

  • Efficient Deckhand

  • Able Seaman

  • Boatswain

  • Second Mate

  • First Mate

  • Master

  • Trainee Dredge Operator

  • Dredge Operator

  • Second D.M

  • First D.M

  • Barge Master

  • Dredge Captain

  • Marine Supervisor

  • Marine Superintendent

  • Project Manager

  • Dredging Division Manager

  • Manager of Projects

  • Consultant

  • Founder  of JunoMaritime

Signed: William Douglas……founder and tutor

Preparing to dredge

Preparing to offload pipe barge

To transport dredge spoil hydraulically  pipelines are connected on land to deliver the dredge spoil to a fill area.

On land these pipes are connected with nuts and bolts with gaskets between the flanges to ensure a watertight conduit with the sole purpose of transporting the dredge spoil.

Site Visit 8th June 016.jpg

Preparing the land line

Here we see the shore crews placing and connecting the individual 12.0.m long pipes to form a continuous pipeline.

The far end of this particular pipeline is located at the spoil area. 

At tho other end of the land line, a connection to the floating pipeline is made and thereon to the cutter suction dredger

CSD Carolina

Powerful Cutter Suction Dredger

This was used on one of the projects I was involved with. My scope was dredging for the construction of Bubiyan Port in the North of Kuwait.

This dredger we chartered from the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company in USA.

The spoil was pumped entirely using the inbuild pumps of this machine to a distance exceeding 4,000 metres.

Boubiyan (6).jpg
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