One beautiful Sunday fall morning in my early recovery, I wanted to reward myself for uh... acting like an adult for an entire week.

So I purchased a last-minute ticket to a pro football game.

At the stadium I found myself surrounded by a crowd of drunks. It was so toxic, I wanted to leave.


I immediately prayed to my Higher Power. I said, “I’m sorry, this was stupid.”


All of a sudden, a guy sat down next to me. I didn’t say hello because I was brooding, but I noticed that he put a bottle of water in his cup holder.


“Hey,” I said, “73,000 people and I sit next to the only other person in this section drinking water!”


The guy gave me a smile from ear to ear and asked, “Are you a friend of Bill’s?”


We both laughed and talked and had a great time.


My friend was from out of town and had bought a solo ticket at the last minute.


I guess our Higher Power knew what we both needed that day.


When I took the train home that night, I realized that my Higher Power has a keen interest in my character, not my comfort, and if I ask for help with humility, he can do things for me that I cannot do for myself. Or should I say, in spite of myself.


“God could and would if he were sought.”



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