The GOD word

The “God” Word

Agnostic and Atheist Members in AA

AA is  not a religious  organization. Alcoholics Anonymous has  only one  requirement  for membership  and  that is  the desire to stop drinking.

There is room in AA for people of all shades of belief and non-belief.

Many members  believe  in some  sort of  god  and we  have members that come from and/or practice all sorts of religions;but also many are atheist or agnostic.

It’s important to remember that AA is not a religious organization; we have a simple idea that there is a power greater than us as individuals.


What we  all have in  common is  that the programme  helps us find  an inner  strength that we  were previously  unaware of – where we differ is in how we identify the source.


Some people  have the  thought of  the  word God  as standing  for “good  orderly direction”,  or  even  “group of  drunks”,  but many  of  us  believe  that  there  is  something  bigger   than ourselves which is helping us today.

This power may lie within some person’s religious beliefs, or it can be completely separate from any religion.


For example, one member  looks at the sea  and accepts that  it is a  power greater than him. We could  ask ourselves ‘Do I believe that somehow there is a power greater than myself’.

As Bill W wrote in 1965…

“We have atheists  and agnostics. We have people of nearly every race, culture and religion. In AA we are supposed to be bound together in the kinship of a common suffering.

Consequently, the full individual liberty to practice any creed  or principle or therapy whatever  should

be  a  first  consideration for  us  all. 

Let  us  not,  therefore, pressure anyone  with our individual  or even our  collective views. Let us instead accord each other the respect and love

that is due to every human being as he tries to make his way toward the light.

Let us always try to be inclusive rather than exclusive; let us remember that each alcoholic among us is a member of AA, so long as he or she declares”.


Whatever you do,  please don’t let  someone else’s religious beliefs prevent you from finding the solution that is available to you through Alcoholics Anonymous.

For more on this subject please refer to the Conference Approved pamphlet entitled "THE GOD WORD"  YOU CAN FIND IT HERE