ONE of the things I’ve been taught to do in AA is to honour the Seventh Tradition by using the word “contribute” rather than “donate.”


Donation implies charitable causes.


Our Seventh Tradition, like the rest of the Traditions, is spiritual in nature. ­


Therefore, the spiritual principle of self-support, to me, means more than simply throwing a buck in the basket.


It offers us another way to begin to contribute to our own sobriety.


How many of us before coming into the rooms were always looking for a handout?


It feels good to be part of something that’s really self-supporting. I’m glad AA isn’t a charitable organization and does not accept donations. ­


The “D” word implies giving to a charitable cause.


My sobriety is not a charitable cause. It’s my responsibility.


I don’t “donate” to my household bills either. I contribute.


I “donate” to the animal shelter and to charities that help feed people in need.


I’m glad AA does not accept “donations.” We are self-supporting. ­


The word “contributions” is consistent with our AA Conference-approved literature and service material.


I am a part of my home group, so it’s my responsibility to contribute into the Seventh Tradition basket.


My group is part of the local AA community and AA as a whole, so we try our best to contribute our share to Intergroup, our district, our area and the General Service Office.


Just some fun comments from a friendly Tradition geek. Food for thought. CARRIE B. Bend, Ore.

Copied with permission from Grapevine Magazine.