Incidences of Coincidences

In late November 2014, I was a member of the Ray of Hope Group in Kuwait holding the help line phone.  One day, I was contacted by someone who had a drinking problem and was seeking a solution. I responded to him and took him to his first meeting. Consequently, he asked me to sponsor him and I had the privilege to introduce him to the AA recovery programme.

After just a week of us working together on the programme, he had to go to Washington D.C. on business. We agreed to stay in touch every day by phone or messaging service.

The second week of December 2014, as he was out walking and looking for Macy’s Store in Washington, called me on the mobile phone.

As we chatted, I began explaining to him how our founder members got together in Akron Ohio in 1935 and how from there the fellowship of AA was developed.

Suddenly he interrupted me and asked me if they were known as Bill W. and Dr. Bob.

I said “yes” and he said something like “you are not going to believe this.”

I asked him what it was I was not going to believe, and he told be he was looking down at a plaque in the pavement which showed a picture of Bill W. and Dr. Bob.

I asked him to take a photo and send it to me. Pictured below is what he sent me.

Can you imagine? We some talk of incidences of coincidences in AA but here is one I just cannot figure out.

Here I was in Kuwait and preparing to go to my bed and here was my sponsee in Washington in the afternoon and that is what happened…………….unbelievable.

I checked this out later and discovered that this particular plaque was inserted into the pavement - (sidewalk),at 1201 G St NW, Washington DC. 20005 by an organisation called Points Of Light that highlights people who have played a significant part in their contributions to changing things for the better in the USA and elsewhere and to tackle society’s greatest challenges and build a better future.

Is this a coincidence or perhaps a divine intervention? I’ll leave it there…………..